Earth 9th edition

Chapter Summaries in Haiku Form

Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology ©2008, Tarbuck & Lutgens, 9th edition (and subsequent)

Chapter One:
pasque flower, Leland, WI An Introduction to Geology
  • Here's geology.
  • It's the study of the Earth -
  • complete entity.

Chapter Two:
near Parkfield, CA Plate Tectonics: A Scientific Revolution Unfolds
  • Alfred Wegener
  • gave us Continental Drift.
  • Fifty years later...

Chapter Three:
Matter and Minerals Aquamarine, etc. from Cryo-Genie Mine
  • "Mineral" defined:
  • natural, inorganic,
  • solid (and two more).
  • Also crystalline,
  • chemically specific.
  • There! I fit it in!

Chapter Four:
fresh pahoehoe, 1987 Igneous Rocks
  • Olivine forms first;
  • quartz forms later, when it's cool.
  • Thanks Mister Bowen!

Chapter Five:
Mt. St. Helens, 1985 Volcanoes and Other Igneous Activity
  • A volcano forms.
  • Magma comes to the surface -
  • explodes, if felsic.

Chapter Six:
Joshua Tree NP, 2004 Weathering and soil
  • Rocks brought to surface
  • decompose to sediment
  • and that's weathering.

Chapter Seven:
scanned sandstone Sedimentary Rocks
  • Lithification -
  • glue particles together.
  • Was sand, now sandstone.

Chapter Eight:
gneiss from Arizona Tile Metamorphic Rocks
  • Shape-shifters in crust.
  • Just add heat and/or pressure.
  • Keep it solid please!

Chapter Nine:
inner gorge from south Kaibab trail Geologic Time
  • Superposition
  • and horizontality
  • tell stories in rocks.

Chapter Ten:
mudstone at Scripps Pier Crustal Deformation
  • Anticline and syn-
  • normal, reverse, strike-slip faults
  • all a big crack-up!

Chapter Eleven:
Hebgen Lake, MT Earthquakes
  • Built on shaky ground,
  • Memphis, south of New Madrid -
  • whole lotta shakin'...

Chapter Twelve:
Earth's Interior Cerro Prieto, B.C., Mexico
  • Earth's layered structure:
  • Lithosphere, asthenosphere...
  • Hey! It's dark down here!
but seriously, folks...
  • top down: lithosphere,
  • asthenosphere, mesosphere,
  • outer, inner cores.

Chapter Thirteen:
Obsidian Butte Divergent Boundaries: Origin and Evolution of the Ocean Floor
  • Undersea mountains
  • forty-some thousand miles long
  • nothing but basalt.

Chapter Fourteen:
The Tetons, Wyoming Convergent Boundaries: Origin of Mountains
  • Continents collide -
  • India bumps into Asia
  • slow-motion train wreck.

Chapter Fifteen:
Unkar Rapids from Cape Royal Mass Wasting: The Work of Gravity
  • Mass wasting: downhill
  • quickly like an avalanche,
  • or slowly like creep.

Chapter Sixteen:
Upper Gallatin River, west end of Yellowstone NP Running Water
  • The hydro cycle -
  • water returns from the sea.
  • All "toilet to tap."

Chapter Seventeen:
Travertine near El Marmol, B.C. Groundwater
  • The grass is greener
  • over the septic system
  • said Erma Bombeck.

Chapter Eighteen:
Mt. Rainier, 2004 Glaciers and Glaciation
  • Ten thousand years thence
  • big glaciers began to melt -
  • called "global warming."

Chapter Nineteen:
Kelso Dunes, Mojave National Preserve Deserts and Winds
  • Deserts expanding
  • yet rivers get diverted
  • to make desert "bloom."

Chapter Twenty:
San Simeone, CA Shorelines
  • Build houses on cliff
  • for a view of the ocean -
  • be one with said view.

Chapter Twenty-one:
Sunspots, October 2003 Global Climate Change
  • Veep Al Gore was right:
  • the truth is inconvenient,
  • but do something now.

Chapter Twenty-two:
Joshua Tree Earth's Evolution Through Time
  • Super-continents
  • have come and gone many times:
  • giant bumper cars.

Chapter Twenty-three:
Glen Canyon Dam, 1991 Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Petroleum, gas,
  • coal, uranium, et al.
  • There's only so much...

Chapter Twenty-four:
Full Moon Planetary Geology
  • Can it be geo- ?
  • When there's only one planet
  • qualified as "Earth?"

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